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Climate Control

Personal climate for everyone.

You can set different climate modes in every room of a smart home.

You don’t have to turn numerous thermostatic valves’ handles of your radiator, to push remote control buttons of your conditioner, to programme timers.

The only thing you have to do is to point needed temperature on electronic thermostat’s panel or touchscreen, and the same way as in your personal car an automatic system will define itself what to switch on and what power it will require.

A transition between day mode and night mode can be made automatically. Beside that, this system can reset from an economical mode to a comfort mode if anybody enters a room.

Climate-control equipment, managed by the automation systems of InernetDom, will make a healthy and comfort atmosphere for every family member according to his needs.

The main functions of climate-control:

division of cooling and heating into stages
In every climate zone (room) different heaters (radiators, convectors, fancoils and conditioners in the heating mode, sometimes heat-insulated floor) are assigned within a heating level. If the first level doesn’t cope, the second level will start additionally and so on. The distribution of levels is made with due regard to comfort and energy saving. Usually one level is used for cooling (fancoil or conditioner). The power of each level is regulated automatically from 0 to 100%.
 + the given temperature is maintained in the most comfortable, quiet and economical way.
 - additional requirements to heating and cooling systems. 

Turning air conditioning on within climate-control
Automatics is controlling conditioners as elements of cooling and heating without users’ intervention, coordinating its work with heating systems.
 + one needn’t worry about prior turning on of conditioners. Energy saving.
 - additional requirements to the construction of conditioning system.

Integration of heating into climate-control system
Automatics is controlling radiators, convectors and other heating devices according to the level division without users’ participation .
 + one needn’t worry about managing convectors and radiators. Energy saving.
 - additional requirements to the construction of heating system.

Managing heat-insulated floor
It is possible to turn on and off heat-insulated floors according to scenarios. More often the automatic turning off is applied if tenants are away.
 + energy saving when owners are away, centralized control is possible.
 - when owners come, it takes some time to get the floors warmed up. 

Managing supply and outtake ventilation
Managing the amount of supply and temperature. selective air supply is possible only to the utilized in this moment rooms. Turns off when leaving. Control over equipment.
 + considerable energy saving, remote control is possible.
 - additional requirements to the ventilation system.

Humidity control
In winter time automatics controls the work of humidifiers (as part of supply ventilation). The set humidity is maintained in the room.
 + comfort in winter time, one needn’t worry about the work of the system.
 - additional costs.

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