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Engineering Systems Control

Correct work without your participation

Modern house is full of various engineering systems. Among them there are boiler room, swimming pool, ventilation and conditioning, water supply electricity supply, etc. All this diversity must work, work and work correctly 24 hours a day 365 days a year .

It is easy to provide that. It will be enough to employ an engineer who knows about all the systems, can watch over the sensors’ data, fix the parameters of controllers.

Or not?

However, there may be another variant. Automatics is able to look after temperature and pressure, pollution and consumption, voltage and current strength, other necessary parameters.

And then, one may get warnings of breakdowns and necessity of maintenance. Any novice will be able to change the work modes (within possible limits, of course!).

Most popular functions:

Control of water leakage
Special sensors register water leakage. The system automatically stops water supply into emergency areas.
 + no damage from possible leaks. One can turn off water in the house when leaving for a long.
 - the installation of gate-type valves to the water supply system is required (and maybe to the heating system).

Control of heat supply breakdowns
Sensors measure temperature and pressure of heat carriers. Boiler controller fixes troubles of a boiler, pump and other equipment. An additional gas leakage sensor is installed.
 + efficient warning in case of troubles.
 - additional requirements to the heating system.

Priority shutdown of loads
Sensors measure the consumed power to phases and turn off small priority consumers when there is a threat of overload. Turning on of loads is pssible by timer.
 + system overload is excluded. Switching on of consumers for night is possible.
 - instantaneous working is impossible. Unexpected shutdown of consumers.

Weather station
Sensors measure the temperature, humidity, illumination, speed and direction of wind, precipitation, atmospheric pressure. Receiving of weather broadcast from internet is possible. .
 + a modern alternative to a thermometer behind the window. Making a diagram is possible.
 - additional cost.

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