Drapes and

Let the drapes fall themselves

Blinds and Curtains

Electricity controls drapes, you control electricity.

Essential parts of a smart home, its muscles are electric drives. 

The control of this richness is as simple as a lightening control. It means that you can control electricity using touchscreens, smart switches keypads, big and small remote controls, and whatever you chose, even a handclap;

And don’t forget about gates and electrical tents outside.

Most often are used:

Drapes’, roll-shutters’ and Venetian blinds' drives
The integrated motor can open and close drapes, move and regulate Venetian blinds. External roll-shutters and sunblinds may be also controlled.
 + It is especially comfortable when there are a lot of windows and they are tall. Additional comfort – you needn’t come up to windows.
 - necessity to lay an electrical cable to each window.

Control of garage gates and entrance gates
One may open and close the gates using key sensors and any panel in the house.
 + you needn’t keep a large amount of remote controls from gates.
 - if there is no need to open the gates distantly, it is easier to do it with an original key.

Control of electrical locks
One can distantly unlock door locks and wickets.
 + one needn’t come up to a wicket to unlock it.
 - additional difficulties when mounting.

Electrical drives for TV-sets
LCD or plasma TV’s may disappear in the ceiling, wall or furniture. Can come out or turn round. For more info about such drives visit  
www.inca-tvlifts.com. Electrical drives for projectors are usually hidden in the ceiling.
 + convenient, effective.
 - additional difficulties when mounting.

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