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It was late 90’s when the first smart houses appeared in England. They were called “Internet Houses”, associated with progress and innovation. Our company brought the technology to Russia under the name “InternetDom”.

The story begins in 1994 when two graduates of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology started working with automation systems. They organize a company “InternetDom” and in 1998 enter private houses market. Since 1999 the company works with the private houses only.

Today InternetDom counts among leading home automation systems manufacturers and service providers. Our expertise spans a wide range of functional areas, including industrial, residential estates and offices automation. We use the equipment of leading automation system suppliers and guarantee its reliability and functionality.

Our employees take part in regular training and education. The staff of the company includes more than 20 engineers and over 15 adjusters.

We have our own production facilities for regulation stations assembling and our own warehouse for the most tradable equipment.

Our car park includes specially equipped servicing Volkswagens and Hyundai trucks.

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